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Whether we or others have installed your system, and it is not efficiently cooling or simply not working, give our repair team a call. It is a rare instance when one of our expert teams cannot arrive within 12 hours where we will quickly diagnose the problem and get it repaired. There is not a major brand of air conditioning equipment that we are not able to repair. Furthermore, we will, more often than not, carry the spare parts for major manufacturers either on our vehicles or at our warehouse.

We understand how important it can be to get a faulty unit which is located in a temperature sensitive room up and running quickly. If we do identify a critical failure, we will ensure that we install a portable system as a makeshift alternative in order to temporarily ensure the smooth running of your operation.

We very much suggest that one of our Damage Limitation Maintenance Programmes is an ideal way to ensure that your air conditioning systems are performing at its highest efficiency at all times. Click here to view our AMC.

So often a planned Preventative Maintenance Contract (PPMC) can prove to be an excellent investment compared to the cost of a sudden breakdown in temperature sensitive area. We are not suggesting that all your air conditioners need one but we very much suggest that you consider a PPMC in rooms that totally rely upon cool temperatures. Click here to view our AMC or Click here to call us now

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