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Our Air Conditioning Products

BSR Enterprises delivers the right solutions across the broadest range of cooling, refrigeration applications, VRF and inverter airconditioners, with a proven track record of leadership and industry expertise,

BSR Enterprises is here to meet your needs with our portfolio of market-leading products and services. We are also dealers for Toshiba range of airconditioners

From being distributors of window and split air conditioners to major retailers , BSR Enterprises also supplies chillers, ductable splits and cassettes to the commercial and industrial segment.

We provide a complete line of packaged Air-Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers that use screw, scroll or reciprocating compressors. Carrier's HVAC equipment line also offers absorption and centrifugal chiller products to meet your most demanding HVAC systems requirements. The chillers are environmentally sound refrigerant, simple installation, superior efficiency and powerful controls, these units are ideal for both replacement and for new construction projects.

Below is a list of products we deal,distribute and supply.

  • Window Airconditioners
  • Split Airconditioners
  • Air cooled chillers - A.C screw chiller, A.C Scroll chiller, A.C Reciprocating chiller
  • Water cooled chiller - W.C centrifugal Chiller, W.C Screw chiller, W.C Reciprocating chiller
  • Carrier ductable Airconditioners are available with scroll compressors, 5.5 TR, 8.5 TR, 11TR and 17TR with high CFM machines
  • Ductable Airconditioners with R410a Gas (Eco Friendly) available in the range of 5.5 TR, 8.5 TR ductable units and 1.5 TR, 2.0TR and 3.0 TR furred in units
  • Carrier digital ductable machines are equally as good as VRF units available in 5.5TR/8.5TR range with R410a gas
  • Carrier 3.0TR/4.0TR/5.0TR/7.5TR ductable units are available with rotary/reciprocating compressor with single outdoor with multiple compressor and single indoor units
  • Carrier fan coil units / Furred in units are available in 1.5TR and 2.0TR AC with (1:1) (Indoor:Outdoor) and for 3.0TR, 4.0TR and 5.0TR with (1:2) and 7.5TR with (1:3)
  • Ceiling cassette air conditioning systems are an deal option to air condition rooms where there is no available walls to mound a split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted system. (Available TRs: cassette ACs -1.5TR / 2.0TR / 3.0TR / 4.0 TR)
  • Carrier slimpack Airconditioner is available in 3.0TR only.


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