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We at BSR Enterprises constantly strive to acheive that extra mile in customer satisfaction. And in this process we have learnt to innovate in whatever process that we do.

Our years of combined knowledge and expertise has led us to a holistic approach in doing things.

Below are some of the innovations that our company collaborates with.

CO2 Refrigerant for Normal-Temperature Refrigeration

Linde Kältetechnik, a division of Carrier, is the first manufacturer in the world to succeed in combining a low-temperature system with a new design of normal-temperature refrigeration pack that works with CO2 in a transcritical cycle. When compared to competing systems, the CO2 unit uses up to 10 percent less energy, delivering higher capacity and lower investment and running costs.

Evergreen Variable Speed Chillers

Carrier debuts the world's first integrated variable speed, water-cooled, screw chillers, utilizing an innovative tri-rotor screw compressor that achieves industry-leading efficiencies. These innovative chillers combine the best features of positive displacement screw chillers and variable speed technology to deliver lower system part load performance, resulting in the greatest energy savings in all operating conditions.


In the Prestige Plus line of reach-in refrigerators and freezers, XSTREAM® valve technology from partner XDX® distributes frost evenly throughout the unit, making it more energy efficient while reducing frost build-up and food spoilage. The innovation enables faster temperature pull-down, less energy consumption, improved humidity control and ultimately, reduced defrost cycles and food spoilage.

AvantAC Electric

AvantAC Electric is the world's first rooftop air conditioning system that delivers passenger comfort in city buses and coaches independent of vehicle engine speed.

and many more...


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